Deposition in Francis Shivers restraining order abuse case sheds light on Threat Management Unit

Source: Deposition in Francis Shivers restraining order abuse case sheds light on Threat Management Unit


Deposition in Francis Shivers restraining order abuse case sheds light on Threat Management Unit


When I decided to start a blog, last week, I did so with the desire to talk of some of the corruption I witnessed as  a court insider who had seen and heard enough.  Little did I know that I’d uncover a Pandora’s box.

A recent tip given me by a litigant (unrelated to my work,) really intrigued me. This individual sent me a link to a deposition and I read it with some interest. It is a deposition of an LAPD Detective by the name Jose Viramontes. Detective Viramontes works as a detective for the world famous Threat Management Unit, or TMU.


  I had often heard rumors of this unit. Yet, the rumors became persistent enough to inspire my interest only recently. There were rumors of this unit misappropriating tax payer monies and federal funding, as a means to keep their cushy positions as “defenders to the stars.”…

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Marty Singer and the Pelican. Anthony Pellicanno lives on through Randy Mehringer and Marty Singer of famed Lavely and Singer


If observers of the Los Angeles legal system think that a fifteen year prison sentence put P.I. to the stars, Anthony Pellicano, behind bars, and out of commission — they better think twice.

It appears that Martin Singer’s impressive win rate is not being affected by Pellicanno’s  fifteen year federal prison sentence. Mr. Singer appears to win nearly every single case he is hired for. It doesn’t hurt that Judge Michael Johnson often presides when big celebrity names are present, and that adversarial parties risk loss of privacy and death threats if they have to wrangle with Marty and Tony. Recent tips have led me to believe that even more serious dirty tactics are being used in order to ensure Lavely and Singer’s reign over LA law continues.


And, Tony P, knows how to send a message in style. No one is going to put the Pelican out to…

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Jodi Arias trial

the ghosts of acquittals past or  in laymen’s terms–letting them get away with murder haunted the Halls of justice in Maricopa County, Arizona. Or, more  explicitly much consideration to Casey ” Should have saved the  jello shots till after the funeral, ” Anthony’s ability to live her Vita much more Bella,  than had she she ended up in some decidedly non Disneyesque Orlando Prison.caseyanthonylaurenspitzberg2

A los Angele’s  jury’s unanimous decision to let the Juice loose also may have served as an influence.  A  jury of hip to Los Angeles’s legal system’s poisoned police and prosecutorial powers  or a bunch of dum dums dissmised the DNA as so much hay.

Rather than relish a most questionable freedom, this famous footballer and hawker of Hertz rental services, made some memorably bad decisions when trying to regain his memorabilia. The details were much less televised but the the karmic implications appear crystal clear. Not only did what OJ do not stay in Vegas, but odds are in favor of him staying in Vegas, forever.ojsimpsonlaurenspitzbergorangejumpsuit

The specter of the state ,enduring another widely witnessed failure to win, secure a conviction was as present a presence in the Maricopa County Courthouse as Jane Velez Mitchell

and her meddlesome big ass HLN  microphone.janevelezmitchelllaurenspitzberg

Nancy, “Why must those dastardly defendents have a trial”,  Grace, also made lots of appearances. Sporting a nancygracelaurencorbarette and a long avenged dead fiance, Nancy, made use of every chance to bolster her biases.Defendants in the Duke Lacrosse case, and their respective attorneys, gave her stink eyes   somewhere in the Universe.

We have gone off course. This is about justice. Truth. The American way. Bias has no place or Jean ” I want to seem like a neutral talking head/too busy on tv to practice attorney/new form of journalist ” Casarez, jeancazareslaurenspitzberg2

tries not be caught in the same parking lot as Ashleigh Banfield (illustration available on demand).

Judge Sherry Stephens judgesherrysheperdarias ran one swimmingswineloose and leaky  ship and non legal and legal experts cited her justification not in her preference for leisurely lunches, or long long weekends, but her savvy in preventing ” appealable issues.” Most don’t know how almost impossible it is to get any conviction overturned, and so this sounded nice.  And, so  it went and went and went and still goes because of a hung jury in the sentencing phase. The only people complaining were the Alexander family and some truly savvy Arizona taxpayers who understood that Sherry Stephens has immunities and full control of her court and wasted a fortune. HLN and it’s coterie of if it bleeds it utterly overtakes our network made much profit.

Dr. Phil allegedly kept Jodie Aries’s mom on speed dial, for scoops and such, and the other well employed and one named Doctor, Dr. Drew,

Also, making out like beady eyed bandits were Expert money makers witnesses for both the defense, and prosecution.

First up was Hippo-like Hippocratic oath interpreter, Dr. drsamuelsjodiariaslaurenspitzberg2Samuels. Not as evil as Dr. Kaushal Sharma, perhaps, but if pressed to give a rapper’s name I’d say not slim shady. For three hundred bucks an hour his expertise were presented as slowly as possible. Fogs in the Desert. Ninjas bent on slaughtering motivational speakers? Sure, I’ll even throw in books and postage to the Maricopa county jail, as a freebie.

Excessive direct examination benefits the man asking the questions too. Defense attorney, Kirk Nurmi, knows how to direct a witness low and slow. His inquisitiveness about every incident of backdoor foreplay sure didn’t bring a lesser sentence but it didn’t likely build him a nice nest egg.

Nurmi in his Nurmi- esque suit questions the good doctor nurmilaurenspitzberg2about tips on picking suits at the Big and Tall store.

In the shadows, Domestic Violence profiteer, Alyce LaViollette, reads instant messages or texts or emails or whatever real slow as she makes the clock her friend.

In one of these modern communications Alyce ” I love me some federal funding ” LaViolette is alerted that Travis Alexander called Jodi Arias a “sociopath.” Alyce likely would insist  that Detective Flores arrest Juan Martinez for repeating this second hand domestic abuse.

The defendant here was accused of Murdering her ex boyfriend, Travis Alexander. When she dated him she was displayed no evidence of bangs but once standing trial,  she exhibited three bangs that could only be called pre-meditated. Donovon Beringdonovonarias

likely gave the bangs her blessing over awesome Cactus Annie Chips she got in  commissary jodiarariaslaurenspitzberg2. That is an inside joke. LITERALLY.