Jodi Arias trial

the ghosts of acquittals past or  in laymen’s terms–letting them get away with murder haunted the Halls of justice in Maricopa County, Arizona. Or, more  explicitly much consideration to Casey ” Should have saved the  jello shots till after the funeral, ” Anthony’s ability to live her Vita much more Bella,  than had she she ended up in some decidedly non Disneyesque Orlando Prison.caseyanthonylaurenspitzberg2

A los Angele’s  jury’s unanimous decision to let the Juice loose also may have served as an influence.  A  jury of hip to Los Angeles’s legal system’s poisoned police and prosecutorial powers  or a bunch of dum dums dissmised the DNA as so much hay.

Rather than relish a most questionable freedom, this famous footballer and hawker of Hertz rental services, made some memorably bad decisions when trying to regain his memorabilia. The details were much less televised but the the karmic implications appear crystal clear. Not only did what OJ do not stay in Vegas, but odds are in favor of him staying in Vegas, forever.ojsimpsonlaurenspitzbergorangejumpsuit

The specter of the state ,enduring another widely witnessed failure to win, secure a conviction was as present a presence in the Maricopa County Courthouse as Jane Velez Mitchell

and her meddlesome big ass HLN  microphone.janevelezmitchelllaurenspitzberg

Nancy, “Why must those dastardly defendents have a trial”,  Grace, also made lots of appearances. Sporting a nancygracelaurencorbarette and a long avenged dead fiance, Nancy, made use of every chance to bolster her biases.Defendants in the Duke Lacrosse case, and their respective attorneys, gave her stink eyes   somewhere in the Universe.

We have gone off course. This is about justice. Truth. The American way. Bias has no place or Jean ” I want to seem like a neutral talking head/too busy on tv to practice attorney/new form of journalist ” Casarez, jeancazareslaurenspitzberg2

tries not be caught in the same parking lot as Ashleigh Banfield (illustration available on demand).

Judge Sherry Stephens judgesherrysheperdarias ran one swimmingswineloose and leaky  ship and non legal and legal experts cited her justification not in her preference for leisurely lunches, or long long weekends, but her savvy in preventing ” appealable issues.” Most don’t know how almost impossible it is to get any conviction overturned, and so this sounded nice.  And, so  it went and went and went and still goes because of a hung jury in the sentencing phase. The only people complaining were the Alexander family and some truly savvy Arizona taxpayers who understood that Sherry Stephens has immunities and full control of her court and wasted a fortune. HLN and it’s coterie of if it bleeds it utterly overtakes our network made much profit.

Dr. Phil allegedly kept Jodie Aries’s mom on speed dial, for scoops and such, and the other well employed and one named Doctor, Dr. Drew,

Also, making out like beady eyed bandits were Expert money makers witnesses for both the defense, and prosecution.

First up was Hippo-like Hippocratic oath interpreter, Dr. drsamuelsjodiariaslaurenspitzberg2Samuels. Not as evil as Dr. Kaushal Sharma, perhaps, but if pressed to give a rapper’s name I’d say not slim shady. For three hundred bucks an hour his expertise were presented as slowly as possible. Fogs in the Desert. Ninjas bent on slaughtering motivational speakers? Sure, I’ll even throw in books and postage to the Maricopa county jail, as a freebie.

Excessive direct examination benefits the man asking the questions too. Defense attorney, Kirk Nurmi, knows how to direct a witness low and slow. His inquisitiveness about every incident of backdoor foreplay sure didn’t bring a lesser sentence but it didn’t likely build him a nice nest egg.

Nurmi in his Nurmi- esque suit questions the good doctor nurmilaurenspitzberg2about tips on picking suits at the Big and Tall store.

In the shadows, Domestic Violence profiteer, Alyce LaViollette, reads instant messages or texts or emails or whatever real slow as she makes the clock her friend.

In one of these modern communications Alyce ” I love me some federal funding ” LaViolette is alerted that Travis Alexander called Jodi Arias a “sociopath.” Alyce likely would insist  that Detective Flores arrest Juan Martinez for repeating this second hand domestic abuse.

The defendant here was accused of Murdering her ex boyfriend, Travis Alexander. When she dated him she was displayed no evidence of bangs but once standing trial,  she exhibited three bangs that could only be called pre-meditated. Donovon Beringdonovonarias

likely gave the bangs her blessing over awesome Cactus Annie Chips she got in  commissary jodiarariaslaurenspitzberg2. That is an inside joke. LITERALLY.




More Layoffs Coming To LA County Courts


This is what happens when Marty Singer controls the police,prosecutors, and judges.

Originally posted on CBS Los Angeles:

[worldnow id=8984097 width=420 height=315 type=video]

LOS ANGELES ( — A fresh round of layoff notices will be delivered on Friday to hundreds of Los Angeles County court employees.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports more than 500 county court positions will be eliminated due to budget concerns.[cbs-audio url=”″ size=”” download=”” name=”More Layoffs Coming To LA County Courts ” artist=”Claudia Peschiutta”]

Approximately 177 workers will lose their jobs, nearly 140 others will receive demotions and pay cuts, and around 200 more will be transferred to other locations.

Gwendolyn Jones, a Los Angeles Superior Court Clerk and president of AFSCME Local 575, expects some union members will be impacted.

“The uncertainty of not knowing is very, very stressful on all of us,” Jones said.

The cuts come as part of an effort to trim $85 million from next year’s budget.

A plan to restore approximately $100 million in cuts to 58 trial courts…

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Nancy Grace, super anchor, and former malicious prosecutor- a story with strange pictures


you spelled illustration wrong, dear.

Originally posted on Alisa Spitzberg's badass blog:

nancygracelaurenNancy Grace as illustrated by Lauren Spitzberg

Nancy Grace, will be our master of ceremonies for this post:  former corrupt prosecutor in Georgia,vengeance junkie, exculpatory evidence despiser, and guilty as charged advocate, Nancy Grace, will introduce her peers in malicious prosecution AKA over zealous and malicious self interest advocacy, in the name of the people, and with the money of the people.

First, up is Carlo Mignini, Italian sociopath, in justice seeking garb, as he behaves much more corruptly than the Mafia. The Mafia gangsters, don’t have higher educations, and they don’t railroad  innocent people like Amanda Knox(and if you don’t think she’s innocent, you haven’t bothered to learn the truth, or the truth means less than you getting to see a pretty girl in distress. Some will merely call such killers “overzealous,” or “moralistic.” I don’t think that has a thing to do with their prosecution of the innocent, in the vast…

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Ihowl- a poem and parody of our times– With apologies to Allen Ginsberg


iHowl- With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg

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I saw the best minds of my generation in chat rooms with the worst minds of my generation destroyed by bad Yelp reviews and a troll on Angies list after failed ebay auction bids dragging themselves through google adwords looking for SEO optimization while stirring to Katy Perry on Itunes.

Message t shirt donning hipsters burning for the extra cash to afford optimized DSL connections and proferring  emoticon responses to stave off acronym induced exhaustion. Sat up chewing nicotine gum in the LCD monitors earthy glow floating over contemplating the claims of  John Travolta’s latest disgruntled masseuses. Sober on Setraline who bared their brains to Yahoo after passing the CAPTCHA under a clever seeming screenname and saw Mohammedan menaces inspire the TSA to frisk them at LAX.

Who passed through University of Pheonix, that wasn’t even in Arizona, and with more debt and feeling like suckers hallucinating all inclusive Sandals resorts and (Robert)Blake’s tragic Piers Morgan interview among the scholars of the Huffington post who met deadlines but weren’t compensated according to the Drudge report for their crazy puff or partisan pieces who cowered in unshaven rooms in Ed Hardy boxers where their once firm buns dented by ergonomic computer  seats
wasting their money on E-machines at Amazon dot com   and listening in Terror through ear pods to Youtube’s gone viral while scanning TMZ, busted downloading movies returning through Laredo with a laptop full of Limewired Lady Gaga

Careless  exoduses from MySpace to Facebook without a qualm then to Twitter where they welcomed limited characters and embraced hash tags who ate tiramisu in boutique hotels or quaffed diet rock star energy drinks in while playing second life, death, or purgatoried their refurbished I-pad’s night after night with dreams, with prescription drugs, with waking nightmares, al-cohol and cyber cock and endless balls, endless texts, endless obsolescence,endless progress to nowwhere, endless transient connections, widgets, and clickable links incomparable websites of shuddering stillness

lightning in the mind leaping towards Venti Cups of 4 dollar Chai Latte Mochas to stay hopped for the mo-
tionless world of Fusion cuisine foodie blogs catered backyard American idol viewing party dawns, Mixologist rendered Mojito drunkenness over boroughs neon
blinking Trojan mal ware pop ups, sun and moon and tree vibrations lost to roaring winter dusk flip camera pics of Branson Misssouri and Facebook wall rantings and cruel king light of Nick Lacheys Twitter feeds.
who chained themselves to the newest Apps for the endless
GPS directed rides from Battery to gentrified Bronx to the Mall of America on Ritalin until the drone of Beiber Fever brought them down shuddering mouth-wracked and
battered bleak of brain all drained of brilliance
in the drear light of Maroon 5

 who sank all lunch money in subway sandwiches because of Jarrod’s weight loss and branding successes floated out and sat through the craft brewed beer afternoon in desolate franchised sports bars with two for one taco Tuesdays listening to the crack of doom on refurbish Super awesome Nintendos

who logged on continuously seventy hours from  Starbucks wifi hotspot to Coffee bean and tea leaf hot spot to Bellevue wine bar to Java Joes in Jamestown, and put museum pics on Pinterest, lost battalion of platonic non-conversationalists jumping down the stoops off fire escapes off windowsills off Empire State out of the moon on super awesome Wii’s bought on craiglist

yacketayakking about issues issues issues and boundaries and breaking ties to toxic people screaming vomiting whispering journaling facts that are all “like literally awesome” and memories and anecdotes and DSM diagnosis’s, and shocks of hospitals and jails and wars and lost lunatics with ammo enough to make Greta Van Sustern sigh.
whole intellects disgorged in Guitar Hero
 and nights with restasis moistened eyes, smart water fed organic chicken served on 5.99 Artisinal Jalapeno loafs vanished into nowhere Zen New Jersey leaving a
trail of ambiguous vids of Bravo’s famous housewives.

City Hall, suffering Eastern global warming sweats and Tangerian bone-grind-ings TMJ and migraines of shoddy China made products under junk food with-
drawal in Newark’s bleak wifi free Airport lounge

whose remote controls wandered around and around at midnight in the onscreen TV listings wondering where to go, and went to see talking heads yammering of broken hearts on CNN.

Who would never ever dare light cigarettes in boxcars boxcars boxcars marketing snowboard brands toward lonesome farms father night, who studied Christina Auguillaras bad attitude on the Voice and bop kabbalah because the cosmos in-stinctively vibrated at their feet to trust Maddona Ciccone,who loned it through the streets of Idaho seeking vis-ionary indian casino owners who might give them a break on the buffet who thought they only suffered from other  issues when  Baltimore gleamed in supernatural ecstasy during their stay at the everpresent Best Westerns, who jumped in limousines with the Chinaman of Okla-homa on the impulse of a winter advance I Max Twilight with a Robert Pattison apearance at a screenings who lounged hungry and lonesome through Houston seeking jazz or sex or Food Network soup recipes and followed the brilliant marketing famewhore Spaniard , Jennifer Lopez,  to converse about Maria Carey as her replacement, a hopeless task, and so took ship to Africa, who disappeared into the Telemundo  of Mexico leaving behind nothing but the shadow of 200 hundred dollar New Religion jeans and Baja Fresh Burrito Wrappers  and the lava and ash of poetry scattered in firegrilled pesto pizzas in Chicago, who reappeared on the West Coast investigating if Kim Kardashian’s ass was artificially enhanced while wearing  goatees and cargo shorts with big pacifist
eyes sexless in their pasty skin passing out incom-
prehensible pyschobabble…

The original: