Nancy Grace, super anchor, and former malicious prosecutor- a story with strange pictures

you spelled illustration wrong, dear.

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nancygracelaurenNancy Grace as illustrated by Lauren Spitzberg

Nancy Grace, will be our master of ceremonies for this post:  former corrupt prosecutor in Georgia,vengeance junkie, exculpatory evidence despiser, and guilty as charged advocate, Nancy Grace, will introduce her peers in malicious prosecution AKA over zealous and malicious self interest advocacy, in the name of the people, and with the money of the people.

First, up is Carlo Mignini, Italian sociopath, in justice seeking garb, as he behaves much more corruptly than the Mafia. The Mafia gangsters, don’t have higher educations, and they don’t railroad  innocent people like Amanda Knox(and if you don’t think she’s innocent, you haven’t bothered to learn the truth, or the truth means less than you getting to see a pretty girl in distress. Some will merely call such killers “overzealous,” or “moralistic.” I don’t think that has a thing to do with their prosecution of the innocent, in the vast…

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