Deposition in Francis Shivers restraining order abuse case sheds light on Threat Management Unit


When I decided to start a blog, last week, I did so with the desire to talk of some of the corruption I witnessed as  a court insider who had seen and heard enough.  Little did I know that I’d uncover a Pandora’s box.

A recent tip given me by a litigant (unrelated to my work,) really intrigued me. This individual sent me a link to a deposition and I read it with some interest. It is a deposition of an LAPD Detective by the name Jose Viramontes. Detective Viramontes works as a detective for the world famous Threat Management Unit, or TMU.


  I had often heard rumors of this unit. Yet, the rumors became persistent enough to inspire my interest only recently. There were rumors of this unit misappropriating tax payer monies and federal funding, as a means to keep their cushy positions as “defenders to the stars.”…

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