Marty Singer and the Pelican. Anthony Pellicanno lives on through Randy Mehringer and Marty Singer of famed Lavely and Singer


If observers of the Los Angeles legal system think that a fifteen year prison sentence put P.I. to the stars, Anthony Pellicano, behind bars, and out of commission — they better think twice.

It appears that Martin Singer’s impressive win rate is not being affected by Pellicanno’s  fifteen year federal prison sentence. Mr. Singer appears to win nearly every single case he is hired for. It doesn’t hurt that Judge Michael Johnson often presides when big celebrity names are present, and that adversarial parties risk loss of privacy and death threats if they have to wrangle with Marty and Tony. Recent tips have led me to believe that even more serious dirty tactics are being used in order to ensure Lavely and Singer’s reign over LA law continues.


And, Tony P, knows how to send a message in style. No one is going to put the Pelican out to…

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